VATERA BEACH: Ten kilometers of clean sand, crystal clear waters and a horizon that stops only at the endless blue is the best guarantee for sea lovers. I just returned from Vatera, the most beautiful beach of Lesvos, which is included in the top ten of the most gifted beaches in Greece. It goes without saying that the coast has a “Blue Flag”, while along it operates modern hotel units that have all the amenities. There are also restaurants, quaint taverns for delicious gastronomic combinations and nightclubs for nights full of life and spree. In addition, the area is ideal for water sports, boat trips to the nearby beaches and hiking. Every summer the heart of the Municipality beats to the rhythms of its Beach. The enchanting beach of Batera is one of the largest and most beautiful in Greece. It has a length of 8 km and a width of almost 30-50 m.

It is a beautiful quartz beach, sheltered from the usual summer north winds (meltemia) and its clear Aegean waters with crystal clear, are repeatedly awarded the blue flag of the EU. A short distance from Vatera is the cape of Agios Fokas, with the homonymous church and the picturesque fishing port. There the visitor can visit the remains of Early Christian basilicas, which covered an ancient temple of Dionysus. At the ends of the sea flow west of the Almyropotamos and east of the river Vourkos, which are interesting wetlands. Especially Almyropotamos, which springs from the hot springs of Polichnitos and has water all year round, gives shelter to many turtles, water snakes, oysters and various other species of birds, which are cut off from the neighboring wetlands of Kalloni Bay. The advantages of Almyropotamos are the riparian roads, which allow its easy exploration at great depth. The fauna of the area with rare species of flowers is also exceptional and interesting. The nearby green mountains are dotted with small chapels and remnants of civilization from other eras. A story of thousands of years unfolds before the eyes of the visitor who sees marble remains of ancient temples preserved in the foundations of early Christian churches that testify to a glorious past.

Vatera is offered for any kind of vacation intense or not, family or not and due to their geographical location and organization they are the most suitable for water sports trips with tourist boats, fishing day or night or even hiking trails in the surrounding green mountains.

A holiday settlement is a rapidly growing area with hotel complexes (mostly family), apartments, rooms, studios, and organized camping to comfortably serve the thousands of vacationers who visit the area each year. It also has several taverns, restaurants, disco cafes and bars whose owners are willing to take care of you and serve you.

Near Vatera there is a wetland of unique beauty and rarity that is worth visiting. Near Vatera are the villages, Vrisa with the paleontological museum, Vasilika, Lisvori place of the fragrant anise, Polichnitos with the salt pans, Nyfida and Stavros. In Agios Fokas (4 km from Vatera) you will enjoy one of the best sunsets of your life. At the end of the picturesque fishing shelter and above it the homonymous church, next to the ruins of the early Christian temples, built with materials from the sanctuary of Dionysus. In the local tradition, the faith in the passage of Achilles through the area was kept alive. The inhabitants proudly show even today the well on the road to Agios Fokas, which was opened by Achilles and is called “Achilleopigado”. By the way: Shouldn’t someone in charge takes care that this historical monument is not completely unprotected, in the middle of the dirt road?